About the contents of the movie

How can I get prayer for healing?

If you need healing, you can watch this video with Torben praying for the sick:

You can also find someone near your on the map at thelastreformation.com, that can pray for you.

I have questions about doctrines and theology, where can I find answers?

We recommend that you watch the Pioneer School where many of your questions will be answered.
You can also find articles, videos and more on thelastreformation.com.

You can also find someone near your on the map at thelastreformation.com, that can talk and pray with you.

Do I have a demon?

It’s hard for us to tell. You will have to talk and pray with someone who can help you in person. Find someone near your on the map at thelastreformation.com, that can talk and pray with you about the matter.

How do I get kickstarted?

Go to the thelastreformation.com and sign up for a kickstart seminar or find someone on our worldwide map near you that can kickstart you.

Do I need to get baptized again?

After seeing the movie, you may ask yourself: did I get baptized in the right way?

First of all: You only need to get baptized once, on your own faith and to Jesus Christ. If you were baptized into a church organisation, because of tradition or anything else than Jesus, you need to be baptized for the first time to Jesus alone. In the video below, Torben talks about this matter.

Also consider watching The Pioneer School to get a complete picture.

I want to get born again. Can you help me?

We have a growing network of believers around the world that want to help you. You can try to contact someone near you on the map below. Note that we don’t know all these people personally, only the markers that are green – we recommend contacting them.


Are you against the church?

After seeing our movie, it may seem that we are against the church. But we are not! We love the church and that is the reason why we preach this message! It’s important the the truth comes back in the body of Jesus Christ, and we need to sacrifice some traditions to get there.

Other questions

Until when will the movie be free?

This movie will always be free.

How do I get subtitles?

Click on the CC button on the lower right to choose one of the 30+ languages.


Note: Subtitles may not work correctly on some devices, especially on some Apple device in fullscreen. Vimeo (where our movie is hosted) is aware of this problem and they are working on it.

Where do I find the music that’s used in the movie?

You can find the music here:


How do I support The Last Reformation?

Through prayers, signing up for the map, donations, translating books and much more.
To learn more, go to thelastreformation.com and https://thelastreformationmovie.com/donate/