Film portrays fast growing phenomenon in Christian world – released FREE in February 2016

AALBORG, Denmark (Friday 11. Dec. 2015) – “The Last Reformation” is a growing movement that has built up a worldwide network in a short time. The movie “The Last Reformation – The Beginning” is the movements latest release as an independent film in cinema format. The film is intended to initiate debate about the essence of Christianity and church-culture in the Western world.

“This is real, this is real!” a woman is shouting; a scene from the new Christian documentary “The Last Reformation – The Beginning”. She had just received prayer in a Walmart, and can now walk without her walker.

The film covers a phenomenon that has not been covered on a large scale: Thousands of normal Christians, without theological training, go on the street, heal the sick, preach the gospel and baptize people in bathtubs, lakes, rivers and on beaches!

“This movie shows the fullness and the power of the gospel,” says Torben Søndergaard, founder of the rapidly growing movement The Last Reformation. “You will see demons cast out, people getting healed from sickness, repenting of their sins, being baptized in water and the Holy Spirit; all in one go, and all by normal, ordinary Christians. It’s unlike anything seen before, and it will truly change the way we see discipleship and church culture today”.

The common thread of the film is “real”. Everything we read in the Bible is real. In Brisbane, Australia, a man gets baptized in water and begins to speak in tongues. The hundreds of spectators hear Torben’s words: “This is real. This is real! If you want to read a book about it, we recommend a book. Maybe you have heard of the book. The name of the book is the Bible!”

Earlier in the day the mans wife had prayed to God for a sign in the sky as she too was about to get baptized. Just as she prepared with her children to be baptized everyone looked up at the sky and marveled as at the same moment the word “real” was literally written with clouds in the sky. That day God heard her prayer and everybody was amazed!

Torben Søndergaard and filmmaker Lebo Akatio has been working on the movie for two years. Endless hours, money and effort have been devoted to the movie, nevertheless the movie will be distributed free for viewing in churches, homes, cinemas.

“Our giving the movie out for free is something that is practically unheard of. The reason we are doing it is that we truly believe God will use this movie to start a reformation of the church worldwide”, says Torben Søndergaard. “We also hope the way we spread this film will become a new model and an inspiration for other Christian and independent filmmakers everywhere in the world.”

The movie is to be released in English and will be available with subtitles in over 20 languages February 2016. The intent is to release the movie online in digital form in February for free viewing, while we make DVDs that people can buy at a low cost for use as an evangelizing tool across the globe.

The movie is funded by donations from people around the world supporting The Last Reformation.



Watch the trailer here:
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Technical Information about The Last Reformation Movie – The Beginning:
The movie has been filmed in over 12 countries and four continents and will be released in full HD format, and will be about 2 hours in length. The DVD will also include extra material.

About The Last Reformation
The Last Reformation was founded by Torben Søndergaard in 2011. The movement has since grown to count more than 25,000 registered followers online through Facebook, newsletters and alike, which translates into over 2 million views on Youtube and a network of over a thousand volunteers worldwide. The first lesson of the online bible school is watched by over 60,000 and has been translated into more than 10 languages.