We want to make it simple – there are three things, we want.

1. Come back to the gospel.

The gospel is the foundation and if there is one thing we may not compromise, it is the gospel. The gospel is not asking Jesus into your heart, saying a sinner’s prayer, or just believing that God exists. No, Jesus said we need to follow him and to follow him we need, as he said, to be born again. Born out of water and born out of Spirit. We are talking about recognizing our sin and repent toward God the Father, have faith in Jesus and be baptized to him, and then receive the Holy Spirit. That is what it is to be born again. We need to preach that, we need to say that, we need to get that out to every church denomination, every household, every Christian! We want this because there are many churchgoers today who are not truly born again, while Jesus called us to get born again!

2. Kickstart all christians into the life we read about in the Bible.

Kickstarting means to train people, disciple them in doing the things, not only hearing, but doing. Which things? Healing the sick, casting out demons, preaching the gospel, baptizing people in water, baptizing people in the Holy Spirit and so on… We talk about making disciples!

3. See a reformation

A reformation where the church comes back to the simple disciple life we read about in the book of Acts, where Jesus is the head and we are all brothers. We are ALL led by the Holy Spirit. Church is not a building, it is not a meeting, it is not a program. No, it is just coming together, it is a fellowship, a life, a family.



We will see the book of Acts come alive again!

To read more about how this documentary came to existence, we recommend you to read about Torben Søndergaard and Lebo Akatio.