About Torben Søndergaard

Torben Sondergaard is the founder of The Last Reformation movement. He was born and raised in Denmark into a good family and he and his two brothers were raised in the Lutheran tradition. He was baptized as a baby and confirmed at the age of 14. He thought he was a Christian, because in his mind, and in the minds of many, to be a Christian was to be baptized, confirmed, and be a good person. He was a “Christian”, but he had never met God. He had no experience of God until his good friend and neighbor Tommy told him he had just met God and experienced Jesus! What? Experienced Jesus! This was an eye-opening statement for Torben and began a journey that God is using to bring revelation about discipleship and church to people who love Jesus all over the world!

The full story about his life is truly amazing. He tells it in these two videos:


“Make a movie!”

They saw things they had never seen before!

In the summer of 2014, Torben was sitting in an airplane with his good friend Lebo, a man who was born again (John 3) a few years earlier. Together they had been traveling around creating Youtube videos. Suddenly, in the airplane it came to them: don’t make a Youtube video like you normally do, make a movie. It came so clear; a movie, a real movie! They were bubbling over with excitement! So when they landed they bought equipment and started to film right away. That trip was amazing. They saw things they had never seen before. They saw the power of God working, they saw people getting born again and the testimonies they filmed were really awesome. From that time forward God started to teach and show them things they had never seen before and never seen in other Youtube videos. They got a lot of film footage.
So after a while Torben said: “Let’s get the movie out!” He didn’t have any clue how much it takes to get a movie out! He thought it would be three or four months and then it would be out in February the following year. But it’s coming out February one and a half years later! So instead of three months, it took one year and three months to get that movie together! It’s been a big project, and it’s taken a lot of time and energy but it is just amazing! And we look so much forward to see the fruit of this.

You won’t believe your eyes!

This movie cannot be compared with any other Christian documentary movie out there.

This movie is beyond words. It is special, it’s professional, it’s beautiful! It cannot be compared with any other Christian documentary movie made before. First we don’t have any big names to sell the movie, only disciples of Jesus. No titles like pastors, evangelists, or prophets. We are all disciples of Jesus. This is what you see with the movie, it is for normal believers, you and me, simply people who love Jesus. This is for everybody, all people, all walks of life. It’s also special because it’s strong! Many movies have some strong scenes from Africa, India or the developing countries where we already know God is working. This movie is different, it focuses on the west: predominantly America, Canada, Europe. Places where normally nothing is happening, but it is happening here as in other places, because Jesus is the same no matter where we are on earth. People will see that and say: ”Wow, it’s happening here in front of our doorstep! It’s happening now! It’s not far away, it’s here!”

What is also special with the movie is that you see the gospel. This will be a challenge for many people. “I have seen other Christian movies and there is a big lack of the gospel.” It’s so sad, because in none of the other movies we have seen, people get born again. In those movies they have the “sinner’s prayer”, where you “pray Jesus into your heart”. The problem with it is that you don’t find it in the Bible. It’s not Biblical! It’s wrong! It’s a heresy! It’s destroying the church, by giving false hope and it doesn’t help people to come into the life we read about in the Bible. Jesus talked about repentance, baptism in water and the Holy Spirit. Sadly, these things are missing in many places. This is what is special about this movie – you see the whole gospel.

The gospel as you have never heard it before

What you are going to see in this movie is how this reformation is spreading. How people are becoming disciples like never before. In the beginning there is a chapter about the Book of Acts. The Book of Acts is the normal Christian life! The Catholic Church is not the normal Christian life. The Lutheran church is not the normal Christian life. The Baptist church and the Pentecostal church are not the normal Christian life. The Book of Acts is the normal Christian life. And we talk about that with amazing stories. 

Repentance is not feeling sorry I have sinned. It’s more than that – it’s going deep. It is recognizing I have sinned against a Holy God.

Then we show what the gospel is about, what repentance is. Repentance is not feeling sorry I have sinned. It’s more than that – it’s going deep. It is recognizing I have sinned against a Holy God. It’s Him we have sinned against and it’s Him we need to repent toward. It’s not just “Ok, I need to ask forgiveness because then I can go to heaven”. It’s not about going to heaven or hell. We need to repent, turn away from our sins, turn to God. And then we need to get baptized to Jesus Christ. And you will see that baptism is not water on the head, and it’s really not just a symbol. It has nothing to do with membership in an organization. It has to do with washing away sins, it has to do with forgiveness, it has to do with putting on Christ, becoming a new creature, it has to do with burying the old life, and with being raised up to a new life. And you will see that in a way you’ve never seen before.
The biggest revelation for us has been the power in the gospel. If the gospel has been lost then Jesus has been lost. If the foundation has been lost, then the foundation we are building on is wrong, and it’s going to fall. So, how can we expect to make disciples if these people had not really been born again? We need that right foundation, and we hope to make this clear in this movie.

So this movie is about discipleship. It’s about the normal Christian life. It’s about the gospel. This is for everyone! You don’t have to wait – it’s time now to come out and do it! We want to do the right thing. We want Jesus to be Lord! We want Jesus to be the Head

Completely free!

In the beginning Torben and his team were thinking they could sell the DVDs and stream it on the internet for a price, and then with that money they can start other schools, help other people, do other things, get the gospel out more, and help pay some of the bills that they need to pay right now. But God started to work on them: he wanted them to show something different and he wanted them to trust him. So they have decided to give the movie out for free.

So the movie is going to be special in every way. Every area is going to be strong. It’s going to change lives and it’s going to be free! So when it comes out, people can see it free right away on the internet. You can buy the DVDs; we didn’t get the DVDs for free so we cannot give them out for free. But the price will be very low because we want to get the movie out to as many people as possible. So people will be able to see it for free on the internet, or they can buy the DVDs really, really cheap and they can buy 10, 50, 100 DVDs and just give them out to people in the church, on the street, in the whole city if they want.

We don’t want to inspire – we want to reform!

This message is changing lives! This message is going to save people, it’s going to save the church. We believe that like Martin Luther and the 95 theses became the start of the reformation, we truly believe that this movie is going to be part of the start for this reformation.

Let’s get it out!

We look forward very much to getting this movie out. We are so excited! And you have to be so excited! This is going to be big! Help spread it! Tell people about it! Tell your friends about it! Help to get it out! It’s free, we are not doing it for money. We want to see a reformation of the church. If you want to help us to cover the costs, come and do it! Let us stand together and get this movie out to every household all over the world, because people’s lives are going to be changed. See what you can do to help spread this message and get the movie out. And let us see a reformation that is so much needed. It’s going to be amazing!